Why should you offshore your software development? As a leading offshore software service provider, we at CMS (Pvt) Ltd., will give you just five of the many reasons you – at least – should consider offshoring!

1.   Availability

It is no secret that the demand for software development is increasing in developed countries. Considering the large number of companies in these countries, getting the right employees are becoming increasingly difficult. To avoid a shortage of your in-house staff, offshoring can be a valuable alternative. Why trying to find talent in an almost limited pool of resources if there are still highly qualified, less expensive employees in the other side of the world?

2.   Flexibility

Is peak load a concern for your business? Or if you are a startup, recruiting and hiring extra employees to launch your newly developed software can be an expensive and time-consuming factor. Especially if there are training requirements for the newly hired developer.

When using a dedicated offshore partner, everything from the recruitment and hiring processes, even to having a backup plan will be taken care of. You are virtually guaranteed of the right candidate and a fast hiring process.

3.   Costs

Thirdly, offshore software development is highly cost effective. Especially when your company is based in the US or Europe. For a company in the west, having an experienced AWS or Kubernetes onsite specialist is going to cost a fortune. What do you think you will pay for a Sri Lankan software developer with the same knowledge and the expertise?

There is a considerable cost reduction compared to the amount you pay in a developed country. We’ve seen an instance where a US consultant was called in to implement a Kubernetes cluster for a price tag where you could have an offshore Kubernetes consultant work for a whole year. How is this possible?

  • First of all, offshoring software development via CMS is making use of a fully optimized recruitment process.
  • Secondly, rent or hiring of work-space. How much rent or mortgage do you pay for the building or floor your company is based at? If you use remote staff you have to rent less square meters.
  • Finally, the Equipment & rest of infrastructure. How many devices do you provide your employees? A laptop, a second screen, a company phone? Offshoring makes this cost null and void.

4.   Higher production

Just as much as cost reduction is the consideration of higher production. Your cost reduction on offshoring allows you to hire more specialist developers.

But how do you guarantee cost reduction and higher production of offshore software development? We have all heard of stories of developers from low-wage countries – low skilled and barely speaking English. Projects executed by these people cost two to three times as much time and money as budgeted. So be very careful with selecting your offshoring destination. Make sure people are highly educated and fluent English speakers. Good communication is the key to offshoring success.

Want to know why CMS stands out as one of the trusted offshoring partners for over 20 years to companies in Europe and US? Get in touch with us today!

5.  Development time extension

Due to the time difference you extend your daily development time with a few hours.

Your in-house software development team is located in the United States. Normal working hours are from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm local time. Your remote team is located at CMS office in Sri Lanka with the same normal working hours. Converting the time difference between Sri Lanka to the United States you extend your working day with 10 1/2 hours: 10.00 pm to 7.00 am. This is also convenient in debriefing your remote team at the end of a US working day, giving them a list of to-do’s to start with the next day. And this work will be completed as soon as your working day starts. A time efficient solution.

This also helps in support services to your customers when immediate bug fixes are required for your company software. A typical example is when a client of yours experiences a problem at the end of the day. The client informs your help desk. As soon as the client starts work again the next day, the problem is fixed by your remote team.


Convinced about the advantages and reasons of offshoring, but still wonder whether if it fits your company strategy? Get in touch with us. Let us know your concerns. We are more than glad to help you find a customized solution for you.

This post demonstrates only a selection of reasons why you should consider offshore software development. Do you want to give it a try or do you want to know more about offshoring or about CMS and the opportunities for your company? Please contact us via info@cms.lk or give us a call at +94 11 2300119.

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Published Date February 28, 2020
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