A Brief History

In the year 1997, RedCorp — a leading B2B supplier of hardware and software in Belgium — chose Sri Lanka as an offshore location to base some of their activities in after a global search. A Belgian partner arrived in Sri Lanka and handpicked the first Three employees to kickstart the local operation. These Three employees were housed within another Belgian software company in Sri Lanka, but were managed directly by RedCorp. They were trained in Belgium for 3 months in order to acquire the necessary technical training.This also created a bond between the teams in Belgium and Sri Lanka, which has strengthened over the years and kept the organization together in, both, good times and bad times. This operation grew to about 13 people by 2000 and they worked on RedCorp’s database, website content and internal projects.

Progression of the first Three Employees

The investors decided it was best to have their own company. Therefore, ‘E-solutions Lanka’ (ESL) was incorporated with BOI approval, and commercial operations started on the 1st of January, 2001 at the World Trade Centre. The first Three employees were chosen as Directors of the Company and handed different responsibilities. Initially E-solutions catered purely to RedCorp; however, eventually a product they created called ‘platforms’ was offered to other customers and software engineers were outsourced to offshore clients as well.

Our reputation was awesome because we delivered a high-quality service, and this increased the demand for our software engineers.

By 2006, the operation expanded further and the investors decided to split the companies on the basis of differing business models. A sister company of RedCorp called BlueCorp was created in Belgium, and another BOI company called CMS was incorporated locally to cater to BlueCorp’s customers. The organization has moved forward steadily upon acquiring ESL en-bloc (assets & employees) in 2012. CMS was taken under a new ownership – Asia Outsourcing Company Limited, spearheading its growth. We moved to our current office premises on the 10th floor of Access Towers due to emerging requirements, and we have been growing at a rapid pace since! 

Our Vision

To be the best IT professional offshore sourcing company in the eyes of our customers and our employees

Our Mission

To excel in the business of offshore sourcing of IT professionals. We will deliver an enduring source of business success and competitive advantage to customers through our expertise while being true to our corporate values. We strive to empower and grow our people for the global workforce through continuous learning opportunities and leadership at all levels, in an employee oriented environment supporting a good work-life balance.

CMS Milestones


Starts the Sri Lankan operation of Redcorp, Belgium (www.redcorp.com) with 3 young IT professionals attached to Ecode Lanka Pvt Ltd. @ Meewella Building, Colombo 04.


Expansion of RedCorp web content


Expansion of RedCorp applications

Successfully completion of Reccorp's biggest content project - C200


Incorporation of E-Solutions Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. appointing the first 3 employees as Directors

Registered as a BOI company


The first office trip


Starting commercial operation of E-Solutions Lanka Pvt Limited @ World Trade Center, Colombo with all employees who worked for Redcorp.

Starting the first "offshoring" project for a USA customer

Launch of new Redcorp web site with major contribution by local web developers.


Forming of Welfare Society

Expansion of "outsourcing" projects in Belgium and France


A local project www.bhoomi.lk was launched. A web portal for real estate related goods and services.

Many outsourcing projects in the pipe line resulting heavy recruitment


Relocated to a new office premises in Colombo 03


Incorporation of Content Management and Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. (CMS)


CMS registered as a BOI company.


Starting commercial operation of CMS


Partnering with BlueCorp, Belgium for outsourcing projects

More US projects on boarded


Opening Kandy branch office.


E-Solutions Lanka 10th Anniversary celebration


Moving to Access Towers, Colomobo 02

First Tech Talk


ESL was taken over by CMS en-bloc (assets & employees) and the organization moves forward as CMS.


New ownership - Asia Outsourcing Company Limited




20th anniversary celebrations.


Becomes an ISO/IEC-27001 certified organization.

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The work-life balance that we constantly strive to maintain is of utmost importance to the way we work, the high levels of productivity we display, and the sense of creativity our solutions are renowned for. A game of carrom, playing guitar for few minutes or simply just chillaxing with colleagues enjoying in house snacks can all contribute immeasurably to the quality of work we produce. Furthermore, this essential balance also heavily impacts the shared sense of camaraderie between our employees. Our employees and their work is, therefore, top notch. Come have a look inside!

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