Since 1997, CMS is one of Sri Lanka’s best established IT offshoring providers, providing bespoke extended IT teams. We serve a large number of corporate customers & startups/scaleups in Europe and the US. Our sales offices are in Belgium, France & Hong Kong. We provide superior customer service in a fun-filled environment. CMS is an ISO/IEC-27001 certified company.

Why Choose CMS Our Values ?

We strive to be the best IT professional offshore sourcing company while being true to our core values.

  • Quality in everything we do
  • Direct and honest communication
  • Superior customer service
  • Hiring and training competent IT Professionals
  • Ethical work environment

We are Hiring at CMS

The work culture we encourage is one of equality, friendliness, and mutual growth. Check out more exciting vacancies on the careers page.

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    Announcement: 2022/03/24 CMS is pegging all employee salaries to Euro starting from 1st of April. CMS is hiring!
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