European industry experts in digital media advertising

Our client is an industry expert in digital media advertising and provides solutions for media companies. They have two main products which are used by many premium media publishers in Europe. The first product is a digital advertising process management solution which helps media companies to manage, operate and control their direct digital advertising sales processes. Their latest product is a digital media acquisition platform which connects the buyers and the sellers of guaranteed digital advertising space. This solution has made buying and selling digital advertising space easier, faster and efficient for both buyers and publishers.

We have been working with our client for almost five years and have helped in implementing and maintaining their products. Since their products are complex systems which require a lot of domain knowledge, it has always been a challenge for us to understand the requirements and develop the best solutions. These advertising products integrate with several Ad servers which have different terminology and it has been challenging to develop connectors which communicate with these different Ad servers. We have also come across a lot of challenges when improving the performance of existing modules and upgrading technologies.

Our client used the latest technologies and processes. This has helped us to improve our technical knowledge, keep up with industry standards and develop quality products. Scrum, Agile framework is used in managing the projects. We get to participate in Poker Planning meetings to estimate the story points for tasks. We also have bi weekly retrospective and planning meetings to discuss the work that was done in the previous sprint and plan for the next sprint. The daily stand-up meetings have also helped us to address any issues that are faced by team members and work as a team. We have a code review process that we follow to maintain good code quality in the products. The code that is written by each team member is reviewed by other team members and the code will be merged only when other team members approve it. We write unit tests and integration tests for the code that we develop, which helps in maintaining the code. Tests are automated using Jenkins and it helps to identify issues and fix them before the code is in production.

It has been a great experience for us to work for a client who has quality products and uses good development practices and processes.

Published Date October 24, 2017