Nishantha Amarasuriya was the First hire at the initial establishment of CMS back in 1997 along with Two other colleagues (Priyanthi Guruge & Sudesh Jayatunga). Nishantha is an old boy of Ananda College and a proud product of the University of Moratuwa where he holds a BSc. in Engineering. With the establishment of e-Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, the predecessor of CMS back in 2001; he was appointed to the first board of directors. His initial responsibilities included overseeing IT/Database activities of the offshore operations of – A leading IT retailer in Belgium.

Nishantha (on the left), Priyanthi and Sudesh in Belgium for a 3 months onboarding visit.


Nishantha and other founding directors (Priyanthi Guruge, Sudesh Jayatunga) and One of the investors (Ronald Reich) at e-Solutions Lanka 10th anniversary in 2011.

From 2007 to 2012, Nishantha led e-Solutions Lanka (Pvt) Ltd before it was merged with its sister company CMS in 2012. Since then, Nishantha works as a director at CMS as well as the senior most employee of the company with 25 years of dedication, loyalty and excellence in his service to the organization. He has been instrumental in the company’s growth and stability, providing his paternal guidance to everyone.

Everyone at CMS knows him as a humble, friendly person with sharp intelligence and attention to detail. He currently works as a senior director at CMS and leads investor relationships, company financials and IT services.

He is a proud father to Two young sons together with his loving wife Virosha. We thank Nishantha for all his leadership and contributions through the years and wish him many more successful years at CMS!

Nishantha & Family – CMS Annual Trip 2019 @ Riu, Ahungalla


Author : Nihara Muthugala
Published Date November 15, 2022
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