The management and staff of CMS bid farewell to our great and longstanding HR Manager, Deepika Lisk in an emotional virtual farewell attended by many colleagues.

Deepika joined CMS back in 2009 December and worked 11 long years until her retirement. She was a source of inspiration, happiness, and a guiding light for Hundreds of employees who joined CMS during the Last Decade. She was instrumental in building up the warm and friendly atmosphere & culture CMS is renowned for.



As the HR manager, she deeply cared about the wellbeing and growth of employees,  building an environment of healthy work-life balance that everyone appreciates and enjoys at CMS. She always stood for fairness and ensured that CMS does not have any space for divisions and discriminations.

During her tenure, she steered many initiatives to improve learning and development of the staff. Some of those initiatives include TechTalks and Meetups by CMS, Outbound and adventure-based training sessions & Tech circles to name a few. She was always at the forefront of these events, showing exemplary leadership to the staff. 

Armed with over 3 decades of experience in both IT and HR, Deepika was not just a traditional HR manager. Her presence was deeply rooted in the day-to-day technical operations at CMS making sure that the staff is highly motivated & well-prepared to provide their best to CMS clients. Going beyond, she was a motherly figure to many of the young engineers where she selflessly mentored and guided them to succeed in their careers.

At the brink of the 25th anniversary of CMS, Deepika has paved the way for future success with very robust and modern HR practices at CMS. Her immense contribution to CMS success is something to be treasured forever.

We thank Deepika, for all the great things that she has done for CMS & its staff. We wish her good luck and success for a new chapter in her life with her retirement! We all will miss her badly at CMS.

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Published Date July 15, 2021
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